Sharif Energy Research Institute

Respect to the rights of individuals, citizens and human rights.

Social responsibility towards to the social progress, sustainable development and high quality of life of people in Iran and world.

Responsibility to the society, work consciousness, honesty and self-management.

Expansion and deepening effective team work.

Dedication and support of common belief on the philosophy of formation of SERI and its perspective, long term goals and its mission.

Endeavor of every individual to institutionalization of the culture of productivity.

Recognition of the rights of the owner of intellectual property and innovative ideas.

Compatibility of activities and behaviors with the social values, environment and national and international laws.


Concentrating on the quality of work and outputs.

Gradual expansion of activities based on team work and enhancing the capabilities of members of the research teams.

Reliance on faculty members, experienced researchers, industrial experts, young researchers, administration and other persons who believe in common goals and objectives of SERI and who would take an active part in the development of energy.