Sharif Energy Research Institute
Implementation of multidisciplinary research activities which could lead to an integrated and comprehensive assessment of problems and would provide total solution for production and utilization of energy resources.

Implementation of projects on basic and applied researches and policy issues in the field of energy at national, regional and international level.

Development of multidisciplinary team work in order to utilize the strength of Sharif University of Technology in basic sciences, engineering and economics.

Planning and implementation of efficient and effective mechanism for cooperation with the government, public sector, industry, civil society and formulating methods of cooperation with other institutes and identifying effective procedures for commercialization of energy technologies.

Planning and implementation of efficient and effective mechanism for cooperation with universities, research institutes, industry, civil society and decision makers in different regions of the country in order to contribute to the buildup of scientific and research capacities in rural and urban areas, provinces and different parts of the country.

Introducing activities of SERI at the national and international levels.

Establishing a system of strategic management for identifying high potential fields of energy research & development.

Organizing training courses, workshops, seminars, conferences related to the fields of activities of SERI and formation of scientific institutions and societies.

Organizing a network of energy experts and leading the professional network for enhancing the energy research and development capacities throughout the country.

Concentrating on activities related to basic science and engineering and dissemination of key energy technologies and energy models.

Formulation, implementation and supervision of exchange of innovative ideas in the field of energy science and technology.