Sharif Energy Research Institute
Considerable contribution to the innovative activities related to energy, economic development, social progress and sustainability of environment. These activities could encompass improvement of technologies, institutions and policy measures that would include efficient, effective, safe and environmentally compactable and socially acceptable energy products and processes.

Establishment of a center of excellence and source of information at national and international level, a scientific reference point for government, public sector, universities, research centers, industry and civil society in the field of energy economics and new energy technologies.

Contributing to the social progress, economic development and sustainable environment in the I.R. of Iran.

Development and application of technical know-how on energy systems engineering for improving energy efficiency in the country, dissemination of the concept of rational use of energy and optimal utilization of energy resources for sustainable development of country, region and world.

Active participation in national, regional and international endeavor for development of clean technologies in the process of production, conversion, transmission and consumption of energy carriers compatible with the national, regional and global environment.