Sharif Energy Research Institute

Iranian Environmentalists at SERI

Published on: 2016-06-01
provincial representatives of environmental NGOs from round over the country gathered at SERI.

Saba App Event

Published on: 2016-04-29
This student event was held in 2016-4-29 which included practice teamwork, Defending the idea and design thinking for innovation workshops.

Iran-IIASA Scoping Workshop Important

Published on: 2016-04-14
Iran-IIASA Scoping Workshop in the Areas of Energy, Greenhouse Gases and Air Pollution, 12-13 April 2016, Sharif Energy Research Institute

Energy Optimization And Business School

Published on: 2015-10-30
The university students & enthusiasts participated at the energy optimization and business school at the end of October (2016).