Sharif Energy Research Institute
Workshop on
Published on: 2018-01-17 | 15:40:14

Steel production is one of the most energy intensive industries in Iran. Old technologies implemented in this sector resulted in sustainability restrictions in resource consumption as well as environmental concerns. The assessment of technologies and the prediction of potential improvement based on practical performance is necessary to reduce the consumption of raw materials and environmental impacts. Therefore, the planned workshop will provide details on the new strategies to solve the energy and environmental issues by developing an integrated energy, environment and water management models.
As an Intellectual room, we look forward to creating appropriate routes:
• To establish a close relation between the research centers and university affairs with steel industry to provide a substantive-methodological synergy.
• To share International experiences and technologies with national companies.
• To introduce the opportunities for technical and commercial cooperation to improve the management of energy and environment in Iranian steel industry.
• To evaluate and analysis of the national and international cooperative projects.