Sharif Energy Research Institute
Green development studies of Shif Island, June 2017
Published on: 2017-07-11 | 12:02:58

With reference to the previous studies of the Energy & Environment research group on “The Analysis of Challenges and Potentials of Development of Green villages for different climates of Iran”, Shif Island, was chosen as an actual case-study. Shif Island, a village with 4,000 inhabitants, is the most populated village in coastal region of Bushehr province, Iran. In this report by the Energy & Environment research group in cooperation with Persian Gulf University, a pre-feasibility study has been conducted to investigate the main issues and greening potentials, concerning energy, water, wastewater, and waste management systems. In this report, the action priorities of various technologies and green alternatives, were determined based on an eco-efficiency analysis. The results show that despite the limitations, this island has considerable potentials of exploiting renewable energies to meet local demand and even selling the excess to national power grid. There are also considerable potentials of improvement in final energy demand efficiency of households and marine transportation sector. In addition to greening potentials, a number of plans was suggested for enhancing the social aspect of the village’s community.