Sharif Energy Research Institute
Negotiations Between AERI and SERI On Mutual Greenhouse Studies
Published on: 2017-01-12 | 15:10:12

Through the expansion of research activities of Energy and Environment group (EEN) of SERI in water & energy nexus studies greenhouse technology development has been targeted. Thus an agreement has been discussed between Agricultural Engineering Research Institute (AERI) and Sharif Energy Research Institute (SERI) on technology developments for integrated management of water and energy demand in order to enhance productivity in greenhouse agriculture. The plan was negotiated by Dr. Saboohi (derector of SERI) and Dr Zarei (director of the AERI greenhouse discipline) on development of an intelligent greenhouse pilot in AERI research greenhouse. As a result it is expected to shape a formal agreement between two research institutes for long term research activities on the greenhouse water and energy nexus technology developments.