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Technological solutions to reduce the sources of energy wastes or pollution or emission, is a crucial mission in the energy system. Technological modifications or developing new technologies are the main goals of new technology group. This group consists of faculty members and energy experts. Research fields and activities in the new technology group involve renewable energy fields, hybrid and multi-production systems, relevant technology in production and implementing replaceable fuels, technology for improving energy efficiency in the production, conversion, utilize and storage.
Extension of fundamental, developing and applied research to increase the effectiveness in the energy sector
Increasing the cognition and technical knowledge of experts in the field of applied technologies of energy sector
Providing the potential of establishment and development of technology in the national and international relevant communities
Upgrading the technology by improving efficiency and operation of micro energy systems
Design, develop, and fabricate of new efficient and economical technologies for the energy sector
Developing the knowledge and technology to extract, convert, and utilize alternative energy sources
Thermal desalination
Hybrid and renewable energy systems
Increasing efficiency of buildings in the reconstruction period
Dr. Mohammad Hassan Saeidi, Deptartment of Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Moein Moeini Aghtaie, Deptartment of Electrical Engineering
Dr. Moein Moeini Aghtaie
- Ph.D in Electrical Engineering, Sharif Univesrity of Technology
- Manager of New Technologies of Energy Group