Sharif Energy Research Institute
Statement of Mission:

Training highly qualified experts and researchers with sound technical know-how in the field of energy engineering who would be responsible for implementing research projects and developing energy efficient new technologies.

Expansion of boundaries of knowledge and development of technologies in the field of energy through fundamental and applied research and contributing to the process of decision making and development of macro energy policies.

Implementing the necessary studies and researches for developing macro energy policies and dissemination of scientific information in the field of energy science and technology.

Providing scientific and consultancy services to the government, public sector, universities, research centers, private institutions, energy suppliers, energy consumers, energy industries at the national and international level.

Utilization of advanced and high technologies and commercialization of the technologies stem from research activities according to the economic, social, environmental and legal criteria.

Establishing scientific and technical cooperation, in the fields of activities of SERI with similar scientific and technical institutes in industrialized and developing countries.