Sharif Energy Research Institute

Since April 2016, Sharif Energy Research Institute (SERI) has become the 19th member of the Climate and Development- Leveraging International Networks and Knowledge Sharing (CD-LINKS) research project to share its capabilities with the other leading international research organizations from around the globe to explore national and global transformation strategies for climate change and their linkages to a range of sustainable development objectives. The CD-LINKS project aims to have a pronounced impact on the policy dialogue, both nationally and internationally; An important outcome of the project will be a list of country-specific policy recommendations for effectively managing the long-term transformation process. These recommendations will point out opportunities for policy synergies and at the same time respect political and institutional barriers to implementation. In a report, and as the first step of such cooperation, an identification of the current national policies, laws and legislative toward sustainable development is addressed. The focus of this report is on the climate change mitigation policies (especially those related to the energy demand and supply sectors) in Iran and presents a base for synergy analysis and design of further recommended policies in the country.The report is carried out by the Energy and Environment Group of SERI which gathers graduate experts doing research on several aspects of the environmental management of energy systems.