Sharif Energy Research Institute
# Title Of Project Sponsor Date
1 Setting Energy Standard in Pump station of oil Transportation Network Iranian Fuel Conservation Organization 2009-2010
2 Energy Management in Zarand Coking Plant Iranian Mineral Production Co. 2009-2010
3 Setting Energy Standards in Compressors Stations and Nat.Gas Network Iranian Fuel Conservation Organization 2008-2010
4 Model of Optimal Energy Flow in Ferro Chrome Plant Sabzvar Research Center of Mineral Processing - Yazd 2006-2007
5 Assessment of Impact of CO2 Recovery on Energy System Sharif University of Technology 2005
6 Energy System Model of Tehran Energy Pardazesh Pooya 2004-2005
7 Model of Energy Research Sharif University of Technology 2004
8 Feasibility of CHP in Razi Petrochemical NEDO - Japan 2002
9 Energy Auditing in Energy Intensive Industries Iranian Fuel Conservation Organization 2000-2003
10 Gas Planning Model British Petroleum - BP 2000-2002
11 Energy Management in Steel Industry National Iranian Steel Co. 1999-2002
12 Model of Energy Flow in Aluminum Cell Ministry of Mines and Metals 1999
13 Reallocation of Energy Subsidies Ministry of Petroleum 1997-1998
14 Energy Management in Razi Petrochemical Complex Razi Petrochemical Co. 1997-1998
15 Energy Conservation in Social and Economical Sectors Plan and Budget Org. Japan International Cooperation Agency 1996-1997
16 Comprehensive Energy Plan Plan and Budget Organization 1992-1994
17 Feasibility Study of Energy Recovery in Iron Reduction NEDO - Japan 2001