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The energy and water consumption management and optimization are considered as a global issue noting that the energy and water resources are scarce. In order to assess the flow of energy in an industrial plant, or generally, in an energy consumer unit, energy base line and relevant standards are required. The standards should be up to date and in accordance with the specific conditions of the country under study. The goals followed in this research group is mainly focused on changing the current energy usage situation towards an optimum condition, introducing appropriate energy saving methods, and evaluating those methods economically. In addition, with the aim of implementing the results of the optimization models, this research group will focus on developing design knowledge of necessary technologies for optimizing energy and water consumption, such as waste energy recovery systems, on-line monitoring systems and optimal control systems of energy and materials. The Energy Management and Optimization (EMO) group is one of the main group of SERI and its missions are defined as follows:
Developing total Energy Management System (EnMS) in energy consumer sectors
Implementing total energy management system in operating units
Developing required tools (e.g. models of optimal energy flow) for optimization of energy and water in energy consumer sectors
Developing know how on design of technologies (e.g. heat and water recovery systems and monitoring and optimal control systems) for optimizing the consumption of energy and water
Developing models of energy optimization in industries and softwares for analysis, assessment and optimization of energy and water consumption
Developing monitoring systems and optimal control of energy and materials
Design and development of technologies for recovery and optimization of energy and water consumption
Dr. Mohammad Hassan Saeidi, Deptartment of Mechanical Engineering
Younes khanbaba
- M.Sc in Information Technology, Sharif University of Technology
- Senior Researcher, Sharif Energy Research Institute (SERI)